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Published Elsewhere

Published recently over at Lost in the Sound: Klosterman vs. tUnE-yArDs vs. Collapse Board vs. Wikipedia. Criticism on criticism, if you’re into that sort of thing. Plus, an enlightening trip into the change log of Tune-yards’ Wikipedia entry. Oh, and take a moment to admire the kickass header art put together for the piece by the man behind Lost in the Sound, Frank Wu, which I’ve helpfully posted at the top of this page.



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MTV Never Meant Shit to Me…

… to paraphrase Chuck D.

Up today over at Lost in the Sound is a little something I wrote as a belated thank you to the paragons of societal ills, Beavis and Butthead, for helping save me from the mainstream via their critique of oddball music videos. A couple of pull quotes:

While Beavis and Butthead were clearly not the target demographic, they were won over by occasional member La Camilla’s top-heavy charm. And while that aspect of the video was clearly eye-catching, I was sucked in more by the gaudy sacrilege of Crucified, which echoed the Jesus and Mary Chain’s desire to “die just like Jesus Christ,” replacing the black hole nihilism with something that could possibly be classified as a religious swoon. The JAMC were looking for the end. The Army of Lovers had already died multiple times, “crucified like their savior.” Throwing in a bit of tossed-off French (I cry I pray mon dieu) doesn’t hurt…


Alien Sex Fiend’s epic Now I’m Feeling Zombified got the nod from B&B, primarily for its Alice Cooper-esque showmanship. Front man Nik Fiend’s aggressive use of eyeliner and pancake makeup made every contemporary hair metallist look even more ridiculous and the whole experience was not unlike stumbling into the wrong nightclub late at night and realizing that spending any length of time here might permanently alter your perspective on life/require use of unfamiliar drugs or “marital aids.” Disconcerting, but in an oh-fuck-let’s-see-where-this-is-going sort of way…


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