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Merry Christmas

From the gang here at Minor Scratches and the good people at OverClocked ReMix.

The good folks at OverClocked ReMix should be congratulated for being ahead of the curve in calling for recognition of the artistic merits of video game music. To a noticeable extent even today, video games are treated much as motion pictures were in the early days of cinema. Time is all that is needed for the creative works involved with video games to be given their critical due (the industry now has its own awards to try and recognize its best and brightest). The John Williamses and Enrico Marconis of the video game world will have their day in the sun soon enough.

While it has not been uncommon for orchestras to feature music from famous video games on those rare days they attempt to attract an audience, the exchange has gone in both directions. One good example are eight bit enthusiasts Rush Coil arranging traditional standards via a palate of square and saw toothed wave forms.

It’s certainly enough to help spread that warm holiday feeling.

/s/Mohammed Chang


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