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Sonic Collision Mk. 2 (feat. Fissunix and Joneses)

Fissunix – Like a G666.mp3 (Far East Movement vs. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club).mp3

Finally, someone has taken one of the most annoying singles ever released and done bad (good) things to it. With the addition of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s leathered-up rock squall and some tasty fuzzed-up basslines that would make Daniel Ash proud, Fissunix has turned Like a G6 into the best song Ozzy Osbourne’s written in years. Now, instead of wanting to kick the ass of whoever’s humming Far East Movement’s inescapable hit, you’ll instead find your own ass being kicked by a jauntily evil tune that’s nearly as inescapable in its own filthy way.

Joneses – Intergalactic Brotherhood (Beastie Boys vs. Cassius).mp3

The Joneses decide to take a break from keeping ahead of the rest of us in order to toughen up Los Hermanos Beastie with Cassius’ moody (and disorienting) French house. We decide to take a break from hatin’ on them and nod our heads to the modified beat.



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Muse – Knights of Cydonia (Parker Remix)

Bristol dubstep/bass producer Parker takes bottom-heavy swing as Muse’s epic (but aren’t they all?) track Knights of Cydonia, leaving behind a thumping, wobbling anthem that features a surprise (and perhaps, surprised) appearance by a trio of completely unrelated Brooklyn Jews, caught during their less-than-socially-conscious rise to power.



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