Capitalist Lion Tamer

“CLT mostly masturbates to IDM and remixes put out by people DJ Screw inspired while watching John Carpenter DVDs on mute when his wife is out minding the kids.”  — M. Chang

IDM is a form of masturbation, rendering my efforts redundant. When not otherwise “engaged,” I also write for Techdirt.

Mohammed Chang

I’m the middle child of the middle children of history, or somesuchnonsense about how my comfortable suburban rearing has given me grounds for complaint. It was clearly why I listened to so much punk rock as a teen, to escape the horrors of AP classes and football practice. Now I listen to jazz, stuff from the 1980s, nothing ironically and don’t mind movie scores.

Sonny Wilkins

Sonny Wilkins is a dead jazz musician.  Sonny Wilkins is a guy named Dan.  He posts regularly at THE SONNY WILKINS CHRONICLE.


2 responses to “Authors

  1. Hey CLT,
    Thanks a ton for your review of The Veda Rays’ All Your Pretty Fates! Nicely done. And congrats to you and the rest of the crew on an exceptional blog.

    Jim // tVR

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