This is a music blog written by a few acquaintances. We promise never to describe an artist/group/album/song as “essential”, “required listening” or a “must own”.

We also promise to never describe any artist as being another artist “on acid.” We reserve the right to freely replace the word “acid” with any other drug, including “DMT.” Any arguments suggesting that this is a form of slight hypocrisy will be greeted with suggestions that the commenter is “high on [substances to be named later].”

We also promise not to bore you to death with endless updates on Bon Iver’s existence. The same goes for James Blake. If, for some reason, the Bon Ivers and James Blakes of the world, in fact, do or say something incredibly interesting/stupid, we will respond appropriately and in a timely fashion. Any suggestions that this behavior reeks of hypocrisy and elistism will be greeted with suggestions that the commenter “go heart the fuck out of something on the front page of Hype Machine.”

We feel encountering footnotes while reading is like someone ringing your doorbell while you’re upstairs having sex. Should we ever make use, we will not expect you to deal with them until you’ve finished.

The blog’s name was pulled from the forums at the Student Doctor Network.


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