The Walkmen

The Walkmen have their crap together.  The only gimmick-less band of the early 2000’s New York scene, and one of the few still relevant,  The Walkmen advanced into middle age the right way: with quiet confidence and something to show for the first 10,000 hours spent at their craft.


They also had some kids.


At the end of May, The Walkmen released Heaven, their newest album.  People (critics and such) seem to like it and they should.  It is a mature work:  sad without self-pity, stylish without affectation, and veteran without nostalgia.  It sounds good too, probably due to a new producer and recording studio.  I’m sure that will make them loose some more-indie-than-thou fans, but those people are idiots.


As is usual around these parts, CLT deserves the credit for pointing me towards The Walkmen, particularly this little ditty from their earlier days in which Leithauser sings about falling apart like a man.



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