Charlotte Gainsbourg – Trick Pony (Boys Noize Remix)

This track is pure, uncut sex. Combines the dismissive seductiveness of Gainsbourg’s vocals with Boys Noize’s commanding bump-and-grind, turning Trick Pony into an aural lapdance.

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Trick Pony (Boys Noize Remix).mp3

Play it loudly enough and you’ll probably receive letters of complaint from prudish special interest groups, letters which you won’t be able to answer because you’ve been arrested for corrupting every minor in earshot. So, for your own good, put on your hastily discarded clothing, close the drapes and plug in the headphones, unless you’re fine with being the epicenter of skyrocketing pregnancy rates.

[P.S. I would totally do this song, were it somehow personified and ambulatory. I would. With enthusiasm. And in front of a crowd. In mid-winter. Outside. (RAWRR and such noises.)]



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