Tres – Break Your Body Down

Tres – Break Your Body Down.mp3

Like something that wandered off the soundtrack to a style-over-substance ’80s flick (say, The Hunger, perhaps), composed entirely of Nagel prints, chrome and neon highlights. Cooler than a thousand Simon Le Bons laid end-to-end and as self-aware as a rogue AI, Tres combine the uber-deadpan vocals of Yaz with uber-charming ESL enunciation. The lyrics don’t add up to anything, but everyone’s looking too good to care. Welcome (back) to the decade when surface area meant more than mass.

I’d point you to more Tres but details on the group are nearly non-existent. Lastfm’s best guess is “Swedish minimal electronics act.” This definitely fits the style and explains the just-off pronunciation. Here’s where I got ahold of this track if you’re curious. The Mediafire link on that page is still active and gets you the whole compilation. Additional info from the source says this track was an unreleased demo. “Unreleased” would seem to define the Tres catalog as they only released one 7″ single during their career of indeterminate length.

All hail the internet, provider of obscurities.



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