The Triumphant Return of Whitey

Those of you who followed us over from The Other Blog are well aware of my affinity for Whitey’s blend of electronics and slightly-left-of-center rock. While lots of bands may sound like electr0-rock, no one sounds like Whitey.

Great news. Whitey. Is. Back.

And he’s brought tons of music. Setting up shop at Bandcamp, Whitey is re-releasing his previous albums with tons of bonus tracks. While re-releases aren’t a rarity in this world of bonus packaging and posthumous triple-deluxe-editions of whatever rapper/singer/pop tart happened to find themselves on the wrong end of the dead pool, this set of re-releases is actually worth checking out.

At long last, Whitey has released Great Shakes (in two volumes), his previously-scrapped album that was presumed dead and buried shortly after some enterprising piece of shit ran off with the goods and leaked it all over the internet. For those of us who aren’t this particular POS, this is great news. For the first time in EVER, we can pick up the legendary “lost” album and in return for our money, get the nice warm feeling of making things right while also getting a shit-hot collection of kickass tracks.

Whitey’s most recent album (Canned Laughter) is due for an extended re-release as well at some point in the near future. If all of the eye-grabbing pictures and ear-grabbing tunes haven’t persuaded you to throw some money in Whitey’s direction, perhaps some choice quotes from this rather wordy gentleman will give you the extra verbal shove you shouldn’t really need.

“Liars, Vipers, Jokes and Fakes” rides a blissful island rhythm into dark waters, filled with every evil in the world, perpetuated by those who have the power to change things. Everyone else just gets to pay for it. “Send Out the Clowns” attacks the same subject matter with a different metaphor and even brings along some more tortured calliope tones for good measure.

– Heavy Rotation 38: Representing Whitey Edition

Speaking of fucking great, here’s yet another fucking great track from Whitey. Just another day at work for the master, combining an a distorted electro loop that defines the word “crunchy” with some great drumwork and a great set of cynical lyrics directed at all those people who insist on showing their uniqueness by doing what everyone else is doing.

Review of Individuals

Starts rather low key with Whitey’s subdued singing, a little organ and some sparse handclaps. It proceeds along in a rather orderly but catchy fashion until around the 2:50 mark, when the floor drops out (and into a faux-fade) only to be replaced with a whoosh and a banging return to the original beat…Various electronics join the commotion and the tempo shifts as does the tone of the song, going from a plaintive to pissed off (protagonist to antagonist). Stick around for the whole thing.

Review of Stay on the Outside

Fucking Whitey. How does he do it? Let me just state something right out front:

This the best fucking thing I have heard in a long time.

That is not to cast aspersion (nifty word, huh?) on anything else I’ve heard recently. I have heard a ton of great music lately. A ton.

Review of Made of Night

Consider yourself fully informed. Now get the hell out of here and get yourself some Whitey. I’m purchasing the whole lot next Friday* and will be bashing people about the head with the new stuff for weeks thereafter.

*Sorry, Whitey. It would be earlier but blogging is still paying in round numbers and I’ve got a limited supply of gas/food/hooker/comic book money to throw around until payday, but rest assured, that money is as good as in the bank. (Except that it isn’t yet, hence the waiting.)




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6 responses to “The Triumphant Return of Whitey

  1. fanguy

    Whitey’s underground music needs to be heard by the whole world!

  2. Vipers

    Srunning news! These are amazing records.