Veda Rays – All Your Pretty Fates

I know I’m prone to bashing noisy monstrosities upside your collective heads, thanks to my musical proclivities. My apologies in arrears and also a bit in advance as I’m sure that my tastes will still remain what I like to term “sonically adventurous” and what others term “annoying” and “not really ‘music,’ is it?” So, take it while you can get it. Here’s some actual hook-heavy, poppish stuff.

The Veda Rays – All Your Pretty Fates.mp3

About as congenial a song as you can get while running down all the ways you can’t (or won’t) save someone from themselves. The Veda Rays soar on hooks that’ll embed themselves so deep in your brain you’ll need open head surgery just to remove them. But why would you want to? The vocals are crystal clear (something I don’t often find in my collection of listenables) and verge on anthemic. The kind of lyrics you sing out loud while driving or belt out in the shower, living the life of an almost-pop star vicariously through your own voice. The power of pop with all your street cred still intact.




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2 responses to “Veda Rays – All Your Pretty Fates

  1. Love this. I can’t honestly say that I’ll belt it out while driving or in the shower, but that’s only because I haven’t done either in weeks….