Jesse Ruins – Dream Analysis

Jesse Ruins makes pop with a black hole in its heart. It only takes three minutes to breeze through but the impact lasts far longer. Not disposable by a long shot. Airy vocals offset the darker tones pumped out by the murky bassline and burnt-out drum machine. Add to that some barely-thawed synth tones and the cascade of distant bells and you’ve got a track you’ll be dying to take home and meet mom, if it wasn’t for the pitch-shifted backup vocals, which hint at something much darker and dangerous lying just below the surface. (Many serial killers are polite people who keep to themselves and donate to food drives, etc.)

Jesse Ruins – Dream Analysis.mp3

Jesse Ruins Fact Sheet

Name: Jesse Ruins (or Nobuyuki Sakuma and Nah)
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Genre: Ophelia’s Waterlogged Mixtape
Fun fact: There is an unexplored homoerotic subtext to Jessie’s Girl, one that will only be fully explored once Prince releases a signature guitar for use with Guitar Hero. Ruins first release was distributed by Tokyo indie label Cuz Me Pain, a fact that makes me feel weirdly wonderful in ways I can’t fully explain. It’s almost like trying to catch a sneeze made of appreciative laughter.



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