Sonic Collision Mk. 1 (Featuring Smash)

Smash – Sanctuary’s Over (The Doors vs. the Cult).mp3

Ian Astbury of the Cult always wanted to be Jim Morrison. The nonsensical poetic ramblings. The appropriation of Native American imagery and knick knacks. The impossibly tight leather trousers. Smash (who we last heard pinning the over-the-top vocals of Tim Curry to Jet’s inescapable iPod-pushing hit) finally lets him have his way, sort of. She Sells Sanctuary, the pinnacle of the Cult’s musical achievements, plays backup to Jim Morrison’s vocal meanderings, to splendid effect. Rather than being forced to meander by the Doors’ wanky backup jamming, we are instead (thankfully) propelled forward and upward by one of the finest rock tracks ever crafted. The three-note acoustic guitar strum that seems tacked on at first is what really holds Sanctuary together. And She Sells Sanctuary holds Jimbo together, turning him into a Rock Star of the highest order, rather than a drug addled poet with his dork hanging out.


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