nick nicely Two-Pack: Expectedly Pleasant

Two from nicely (voted Most Likely To Be Pre-Judged Based on His Last Name):*:

*NOT HIS REAL LAST NAME. You may have been tipped off by the lack of initial caps or perhaps the fact that an alliterative name is generally never a real name. Born Nickolas Laurien, nicely obviously saw he would have an easier time in the entertainment industry if he dropped his unwieldy original name and switch over to something a bit more memorable. To ensure that the name was doubly memorable, rules were laid down (possibly via press kit) that nick nicely was to remain uncapitalized, much like e.e. cummings before him and ADULT. after him (except for the capitalization on the latter). (Pay attention to that period. Detroit electro duo ADULT. insists [via press kit] that the band name is to be capitalized and always {ALWAYS} followed by a full stop, even if you’re in mid-sentence. Fortunately, nicely isn’t a stickler for explicit punctuation.)

nick nicely – Treeline.mp3

Treeline is a bit of jaunty electronica that lies somewhere between Yello and the late 70’s work of Giorgio Moroder. Full of bright tones and ricocheting sounds, along with some vocal mutation. The b-side to nicely’s debut single (DCT Dreams), Treeline sounds as current as anything else out there today, leading us to one of two conclusions: a.) nicely was ahead of his time or b.) today’s music plunders the past with alarming frequency. The correct answer is “yes.” I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Great music is timeless, even if it’s over three decades old.

nick nicely – Wrottersley Road.mp3

Wrottersley Road is a different beast, kicking off with a surf guitar riff, which gives way to a muffled heartbeat kick drum (the kind of heartbeat that would get you referred to a specialist), before fading in and out of consciousness covered in washed out guitar tones and buried vocals and about a half-tonne of reverb, like some sort of Mad Professor Meets the House of Love collaboration that will never actually happen. And that is our loss, although I’ll probably feel it more than most.




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5 responses to “nick nicely Two-Pack: Expectedly Pleasant

  1. Hahaha! I couldn’t have said it better myself, and I used a hell of a lot more words.

  2. Biscuit

    You are giving me such flashbacks. Musically I’m pretty lame, which is why all I have to compare this guy to are The Moody Blues and Emerson, Lake & Palmer (there might be a press kit somewhere forbidding/mandating the use of the ampersand there). Maybe a little Thomas Dolby. Anyway, I am suddenly sitting in my friend’s attic bedroom eating Chef Boyardee from a can and laughing hysterically for some reason.

    • There’s nothing lame about your music tastes and background. (The Chef Boyardee and laughing thing is a little off, however.) You hear your music echoed and I hear mine. No one’s wrong or less cool. As a matter of fact, I hear a bit of Moody Blues, now that you mention it. As for ELP, I’m not as familiar, so if I don’t hear it, it’s only because I don’t have a point of reference.

      (By the way, if I do use a point of reference that’s likely only familiar to me, I’ll try to provide a link to an audible example, like the Youtube links for both the Mad Professor and the House of Love.


      • Time, I confess your links are responsible for about 13.7% of the time I blow on the web, but I almost always end up scoring at least one new song to listen to that way, so it’s time well spent.

        As for Chef Boyardee, we’ll call it youthful indiscretion.