Secret Colours – Follow the Drone

Secret Colours – Follow the Drone.mp3

Don’t mind if I do. (Of course, I’m a bit partial to the Drone [and lesser drones in general] so an invitation to follow is usually RSVP’ed posthaste and with alacrity [often at the same time].) Sounds like the better parts of Primal Scream’s catalog got in bed with the bluesier parts of JAMC’s catalog while sexting the Spacemen 3, resulting in a frenzied bout of metaphoric love-making that clocks in at about 4 ultra-tight minutes, rather than the Spacemen’s usual 9 minutes+ spent trying to locate/stimulate the E-chord/G-spot. Expansive, but concise.

Not from Around Here, or so you would think based on the additional “u,” but oddly enough, Secret Colours are native Chicagoans and, as is the style of the time, also available via robotic overlord Facebook.




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4 responses to “Secret Colours – Follow the Drone

  1. Eric

    Secret Colours put on a great live show. Chicagoans love them. Sxsw 2012 will be great place to check them out.

  2. elizabeth3hersh

    This started out so good. I kept thinking “please don’t ruin it with the vocals.” It wasn’t what I expected when the vocals finally kicked in, but they certainly didn’t ruin it.

    • I’ve approached songs with that exact trepidation before (not this one, but others). “Unexpected, but good” is a much better reaction than “great right up until the vocalist couldn’t stop him/herself from singing.”