e*rock – False Fortress (Moon Duo Remix)

e*rock – False Fortress (Moon Duo Remix).mp3

Whoever the hell E*Rock is*, he’s definitely cornering the market on dirty, blown-out, psychedelic electro. Adding Moon Duo’s droning psych rock tendencies into this mix pushes the psychedelia to the forefront. It takes a little while for False Fortress to get going, but then it takes off, morphing into a Middle Eastern breakbeat speed-shuffle that defines “rollicking” in a positive way, rather than the tired way it’s abused by shilling “critics” who prop up formulaic comedies with 4-star blurbs and hyperbolic statements.  The Duo pull back a bit on throttle as compared to the original, bringing it more in line with their meandering tendencies and put more emphasis on the underlying exotic serpentine hook.

*We have discussed (in a very one-way fashion) e*rock before, rendering this opening line fatuous at best, but let’s not let a little intellectual dishonesty ruin a great song and remix.

Enjoy e*rock’s latest foray into mutated electronic dance music over at Bandcamp. [It is truly good shit, so lay out a $5 and purchase it.]

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