Space Needle – Old Spice

Space Needle – Old Spice.mp3

Has as little to do with your dad’s “cologne” and ancient shaving kit as humanly possible. Space Needle have crafted what sounds suspiciously like an arena anthem, only without any of the usual trappings of big rock excess. The drums are barely there, but the sound itself is huge and all-encompassing. (It also seems to be missing any sort of big guitar work.) The vocals are way out front and the lyrics beg to be sung aloud by massive crowds toting lighters and topless women on their shoulders, except that there’s nothing there to pump your fist to. Instead you just get “catchy” without hooks and that bigger-than-life soaring feeling without power chords. A mysterious blend but very definitely a great one. Dichotomy for the masses.

If you’re looking for more from Space Needle, good luck. The band existed from 1994-1997, leaving behind two albums and a post-breakup compilation. There’s always, of course, Youtube.




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2 responses to “Space Needle – Old Spice

  1. elizabeth3hersh

    I would have been more excited over an English Leather post, but this will suffice. Another sampling of musical tapas. Always enlightening Capitalist.

    • I’m sure some band is either a.) operating under the name English Leather or b.) has released a track called “English Leather.”

      Ah. Here we go. A tribute of some sort done is a long-haired rockist style:

      I’ll likely not be reviewing this one. Old Spice is apparently more my style, even with their recent shift into body washes and empoweringly-named fauxlognes.