The Fresh & Onlys – I Would Not Know the Devil

Fuzzy blues skronk, with the blues’ main man, the Devil, at front and center. Sounds like the sort of thing that Jon Spencer used to do, or the thing the White Stripes did up until recently (albeit with less distortion) or, apparently, the thing that the Fresh and Onlys are doing now. You could sing along to this sort of thing, much to the dismay of concerned citizens everywhere, who would bristle at the word “devil” no matter what the context. For all their proclaimed lack of knowledge of the big daddy with the horns and the tails, they certainly seem to have him as a constant companion. (“He walks with me…”)

Or maybe we should just stop worrying about this whole do-they-or-don’t-they thing and just enjoy the purest form of devil worship there is: rambling, tattered, torn-up rock with a hit of blues and the smell of cheap beer and stale cigarettes on its breath. If today’s pristine pop is the nightclub with a guest list and $12 drinks, the Fresh & Onlys are the local dive, where $5 gets you a pitcher and several pitchers will likely get you a black eye.

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