Fukkk Offf – Brain Rock

To be completely honest, about 90% of the reason for posting this is display the completely awesome cover art. It’s quite the shit, innit? If only Fukkk Offf were huge (like “young adult supernatural fiction”-huge), there’d be all sorts of complaining from various retail outlets about, well, just about everything involved. Fukkk Offf obviously wouldn’t fly on the shelves of your local big box, and any ideas they had about pushing t-shirts and posters there would swiftly be cut off. But it’s the perfect thing for taping up on the bedroom walls to shock the parental unit and get them thinking about cutting back your TV time or setting you up for a visit to the weekly youth group.

As for the track itself, it’s a completely useful dance track that hits all its marks, providing the sorts of builds and drops that make dance music the perfect thing for dancing. It moves along with an amiable strut, winking slyly while pushing buttons and occasionally throwing you a good-natured finger. The vocal samples claim Fukkk Offf are here to “rock your brain,” but he’s obviously way more interested in your ass. And who can blame him? It’s a magnificent ass. Go work it.

Despite all the faint praise (and its attendant damnation), there’s absolutely nothing wrong with aiming no higher than the waistline now and then. Not everything needs to be “transcendent.” Sometimes listening to confident craftsman plying his wares is a reward in itself.

Here’s a short interview with Fukkk Offf done by a co-worker (very loose definition deployed) of mine, Bas Grasmayer:

Fukkk Offf in Istanbul from Bas on Vimeo.



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