Points of Interest

A quick collation of some stuff for your eyes and ears from around the net, mostly grabbed from my Facebook feed.

Hometown favorite Whitey has pulled together a massive (107 videos/10+ hours) playlist of classic house tracks. In lieu of a new album, this will have to do:

(Unfortunately, the playlist doesn’t seem to embed, but click through for the whole thing…)

Another hometown favorite (and potentially damaging search term), Young Boys, have just released another EP full of noisy pop(?)[ to my ears anyway…] that channels everything you love about the Jesus and Mary Chain, the Crocodiles, the Chameleons and the Charlatans UK into about 12 minutes of serrated bliss. Listen here and then click thru to download the whole thing for $nullset.

The relentlessly inventive Soulwax crew has uploaded another three videos on their Vimeo channel. The pick of the bunch is Vol.2 of Under the Covers, featuring some inventive crate digging and, lest your eyes feel left out, some very entertaining album cover animation. There’s some sort of non-American (presumably Belgian) football chant worked into the mix at the 39:40 mark, of interest mainly to Mohammed Chang, but also presented as evidence of my “relentlessly inventive” designation in the opening sentence.

Under The Covers Vol. 2 from Radio Soulwax on Vimeo.

By all means, stick around after that and check out Axe Attack (a mastermix of 500 guitar riffs in slightly under an hour) and D&SCO (another masterful mix of, yes, exactly, DISCO classics [and classix] as well as some obscurities and, of course, animated cover art).




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  1. The Swiss professional soccer side BSC Young Boys might come up in that search. They play their home matches at, and I’m not making this up, the Wankdorf Stadium.