The Death Set – Can You Seen Straight (Nadastrom Moombahton Edit)

While the appeal of a majority of “Moombahton” tracks continues to elude me, this one hits me straight between the ears. Nadastrom’s rerub of The Death Set’s energetic not-quite-punk, definitely-not-quite-pop sonic blasting takes the listener into the deepest, darkest parts of the bassbin, all without abandoning the luminosity of the original.

The beat has a beguiling pulse-and-fade that beats you into shape without beating you senseless, conjuring up darkened dancefloors and drug-filled restrooms. It’s the million possibilities of a night that’s still young and the million possibilities that come from realizing that even though you (like me) aren’t exactly you, you ain’t dead yet. Ride the euphoria until you can wring the honest sweat out of your impossibly stylish shirt. Split an amyl popper with someone you love, even if it’s only the E talking. If you’re going to do something as abstract as “living for the moment,” you might as well have a soundtrack.



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