Dave I.D. – The Takeover (Maria and the Mirrors Remix)

Reggaeton? LOL. Unless reggaeton is now some sort of slang term for “haunts your waking moments” and “haunts” now means “brutalizes your aural receptors” and “waking moments” means “while driving the kids to school” and “aural receptors” means “might have to replace the factory speakers.”

You’d also have to replace “amiable reggaeton beat” (which I didn’t even use) with “whispered death threats” and “whispered” with “static bursts and distorted drums” and “bursts” with “always on” and “remix” with “current front-runner for ‘soundtrack of the post-apocalypse'” and “post-apocalypse” with “the future is now, chumps.”

Dave I.D. – The Takeover (Maria and the Mirrors Remix)

HayzeusfackingKristallnacht. This thing… this thing is never going to be anyone’s idea of a “good time” or possibly even “music,” but if all you want is “good time music” you’ve obviously come to the wrong place and might need to adjust your bookmarks and surf away to sunnier venues like, I don’t know, Nick Jr. or something.

So, this is Dave I.D., about whom not much is known and the little bits that are known only seem to add to the mystery. And Maria and the Mirrors? They rustle up some sort of sonic death themselves, and they do all of it while looking like the illegitimate children of Sigue Sigue Sputnik and the B52s.

Odd. But good. Together, they’re what’s commonly referred to as “a force to be reckoned with,” although I would imagine that after hearing this track, most people would probably agree that said “force” probably doesn’t need to be dealt with today and probably better off dodging it altogether if an injury is to be avoided. “Live and let live” is the NEW motto.

Maria and the Mirrors – Travel Sex



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