Hillbilly Moon Explosion – My Love for Evermore (James Copeland Moonshine Bootleg)

This is how you properly move an unrelated music genre onto the strobe-lit dance floor. Only a few producers can make this leap without the result sounding like an offshoot of such club music atrocities as Rednexx’ Cotton Eye Joe cover or any number of crossover country hits that had a lazy 4/4 applied to them by an aspiring Club 69er with a handful of 808 loops and the imagination of a drive-time AOR dj.

Balkan Beatbox does this incredibly well, dragging post-Eastern-bloc music over to the bassbins and plying it with near-Mitsubishi-quality E. The Alabama 3 have been embracing Roland drum machines and various electronic interjections, bringing their country/blues mixture ever closer to the smoke-and-lasers of club culture.

Add the name James Copeland to this incredibly short list of unlikely roots music re-routers. This South African producer traffics in something called “electro-swing,” which is as good a name as anything for this housed-up remix of Hillbilly Moon Explosion’s My Love for Evermore, which itself is a rockabilly torch song featuring some splendid his-and-hers vocals that play off each other, alternating between breathless and guttural.

Copeland’s remix is party in the front, toying with a couple of truncated loops before unleashing the kick drum. After two minutes of pace-setting, Copeland cues a drop, peeling away nearly everything but the original and giving HME a chance to stretch their (almost certainly) black stovepipe jeans a bit (perhaps get a cigarette lit as well) before giving the business end of things the “business” and riding the loops back into the groove.

Altogether an amazing remix, one that sounds like not much else out there. It’s enough to make even the most ardent nu-greaser put away the his or her switchblade and play nice with the club kiddies and their endless assortment of paraphernalia/stuffed animals.

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5 responses to “Hillbilly Moon Explosion – My Love for Evermore (James Copeland Moonshine Bootleg)

  1. If all club music were this good, I might go to clubs again. p.s. Thanks for introducing me to HME. Fanfeckingtastic.

    • If all club music were this good, no one would have to search out songs like this in an attempt to prove that everything being played in a club context isn’t the same 4/4 x infinity.

      And you’re welcome.

  2. James Copeland

    Hi , This is james ( copeland ) , and i googled my way here.

    Thanks for the kind words. They`re very welcome as some fans of the original song didnt quite appreciate my particular take on the track and i started feeling sad about it because i really did my best to be respectful to the original. This makes me feel a whole lot better.


    • Thanks for stopping in, James. I think this remix does a very good job at retaining some sense of respect (for lack of a better word) for the original, unlike other remixes that repeat a short loop and call it good.

      As for the fans of the original, their loss. Music (like all art) isn’t meant to be pigeonholed and doled out in a top-down fashion by the original creators. Everybody who listens takes their own thing out of it and those who remix and rework and mashup and demake all are ADDING rather than subtracting from the value of the original. Some people just like “their” stuff to stay intact. But art isn’t sacred and it shouldn’t be hidden away from those who wish to alter it.

      If you want your art to remain untouched and pristine, then keep your headphones and blinders on and stash it away in the back of the bottom drawer where it can gain all the fresh air and respect your porn collection does. Otherwise, get over yourselves and celebrate the fact that someone loved “your” band enough to give them a thumping celebratory remix.

      Keep on remixing, James. You’ve obviously got the right touch for it.

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