Introducing the Brand

Welcome to Minor Scratches, a music blog.

Now that the understatement is out of the way, let’s get down to the business of why we’re here.

The Why: a mutual love of music that has given the many authors of this blog the urge to try to communicate How Something Sounds and Why You Should Give It A Listen using the most unwieldy tool of all: the written language.

Not that this in itself is a unique idea. WordPress is always happy to point out that it hosts effteen million blogs and hey, here’s another one. At this point in the history of the ‘net, a music blog is about as unique as a snowflake in a blizzard. Sure, if you get close enough, you can spot the differences, but the overall picture is a fuckload of nondescript whiteness.

There are those that might look at the signal-to-noise rather and wonder, why bother? Then there are people like us, who look at an over-saturated market and say why the fuck not.

So, what can you, the end user, reasonably expect from this music blog? Who knows? Music is the only certainty. Album reviews, recommended tunes, occasional essays, occasional lists, bursts of news, link dumps, stretched metaphors, caustic rounds with various music-related punching bags. Sometimes you’ll get 500 words. Other times, you’ll get a sentence and an embedded video.

Here’s what you won’t get. Elitism. Elitism trying to pass itself off as humility. Faux humility trying to pass itself off as real humility. Probably not much humility at all, come to think of it.

You won’t get told how to buy music. and what records you should cram into your head before you die/retire to a desert island. We won’t chase down new genres or practice any sort of NME-esque next big thinging. We won’t lure you in with SEO headlines or turn the blog into nothing more than an mp3 dump truck for the purposes of gaming Hype Machine eyeballs.

We will never consider ourselves a “filter,” but rather a “conduit.” We’re not “tastemakers.” We’re “fans.”

Finally, we will never set ourselves up for failure by rattling off a sundry list of high-minded aspirations and proclamations. Therefore, we reserve the right to break each and every rule, guideline or boundary we have set for ourselves as situations warrant.

Because, underneath it all, we’re just a bunch of fucking music bloggers.

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6 responses to “Introducing the Brand

  1. Atavistic

    No elitism?

  2. Harmony

    Before I rip you a new aural asshole, I just want know how many of these so-called authors are you Mr. CLT?

    Elitism?? Really? What in the name of Ajax and his unfortunate sheep crimes are you talking about? Trust me, I am thoroughtly convinced of your 99%er status. If you are not sure if you’re being elitist, then download the ‘Really, I’m not an Elitist, I don’t even know who Kay Gardner is’ App on your mobile handset. Of course, you could prove this by playing some Lou Reed or Jelly Roll Morton or some decent Klezmer music on occasion. Honestly, one just wants to tell you to go fuck yourself, but I will refrain at this time.

    I hope this turns out better than that former mess you produced. I indeed confess that I am not of neutral heart regarding that sorry platform. At least you proved in no uncertain terms that writing ‘fuck’ all the time doesn’t necessarily turn into a viable readership or any readership for that matter.

    I changed my mind, go fuck yourself. Have a nice day. 🙂

    • Not only do I not know who Kay Gardner is, but I’m so anti-elistist that I’m not going to even bother hitting the Wiki to clear this all up. I’d be playing more Lou Reed and Jelly Roll Morton if they’d stop associating with little-known metalheads like Metallica and (in Morton’s case) the surviving members of Dokken.

      I’m hopeful as well that this mess will end up being my legacy rather than just a pile of dissociated writing coupled with the occasional clever picture caption. In addition to proving that using the word “fuck” incessantly does nothing to increase readership, I also proved conclusively that abandoning the blog periodically for extended periods of time also has the same effect.

      And to answer your lead-off question: at this point, I am only myself. Who knows what the future might bring? (More “fucks” but beyond that I refuse to guarantee anything.)