Fashion is Cyclical

And I’m glad for it.

If you think I’m joking about the fashion part, Gant Rugger rolled out a varsity jacket similar to the one William Petersen was wearing in the first video and even with a $400 price tag it flew off shelves. Easier to get if you’re some level of famous.

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5 responses to “Fashion is Cyclical

  1. More on Drive’s style over at GQ.

    “Then there was the whole issue of the colour. A white satin jacket set the alarm bells off for the director of photography. It’s a really hard thing to light, because it can blow out every scene. So we went through many iterations of the tone to get the actual colour we used, which is almost more like silver. At one point we just thought, ‘Let’s go back and make it olive green or red’ – but in the end we all fought for saving the white jacket because we loved so much.”

    I would also imagine retailers are seeing a spike in toothpick sales.

  2. I saw movie the other day and oddly enough enjoyed it after not remembering much about it since first seeing back in the day. Wang Chung is a guilty pleasure…that and the occasional Newport cigarette.

  3. Oh, Newports. How I miss thee, along with hand-rolling Bugler tobacco while driving down the road in my 1970 VW Beetle. I have never seen the movie, I confess, but the other day in a preschool classroom, I saw, within five minutes, and original Fisher Price circus train thing complete with animals, and a Members Only jacket. A NEW one. I asked him if it was thirty years old or if they are still making them, which horrified my husband. I might be what they call, “lacking in the social graces.” Now off to buy stock in toothpicks, toodles.